About Jenni Energietechnik

One of Europe's most successful pioneers in solar technology, Josef Jenni, started his career over 30 years ago:
In 1976 Mr. Jenni tried to make his living with self-manufactured control units for solar energy plants. Two years later he founded the Jenni Energietechnik Inc. which has become the biggest company for solar technology in Switzerland.

The most well known product is the solar energy storage tank with integrated hot water boiler. The proprietary development, named Swiss Solartank®, has set the benchmark for solar tanks and storage tanks. Also, the Jenni way of installing thermal solar energy plants has become a worldwide standard.

In 1985 Josef Jenni came up with the idea of a solar automobile race across Switzerland to boost the national solar industry. The «Tour de Sol» was a huge success and enabled Mr. Jenni's next pioneer project: a single family house heated exclusively by solar energy.

In 1989 the realization of the first European 100% solar fraction house caused sensation in Switzerland and abroad.

In 1991 the roof of the main factory building was covered with solar panels which enabled the Jenni Energietechnik Inc. to produce the power they need by themselves. After completing the first solar house Mr. Jenni planned a 100% solar heated apartment building. The construction project started in 2005 and was completed in autumn of 2007. The actual tank has a volume of 205'000 litres and is the biggest tank manufactured by Jenni Energietechnik Inc. by now.

By now over 15'000 Swiss Solartanks® have been installed sucessfully, whether as the heart of a solar plant for hot water for domestic use or heating or as parts of a large-scale plant. The high quality tanks are suitable for a wide range of energy storage: from thermal solar plants to district heating units and even heat recovery plants.

Beside solar energy, the Jenni Energietechnik Inc. has been promoting renewable local energy sources such as wood. Therefore it became the general agency for KWB Biomass Heating Systems for the German speaking part of Switzerland.

The environmental and political efforts of Mr. Jenni and Jenni Energietechnik Inc. have been rewarded with the Swiss Solar Award (1991, 1994, 2004) and the European Solar Award (1995).

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